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MINIOLIVA Experience

“A full experience for your senses”

MINIOLIVA Experience

We have undertaken a R&D project with the objective of offering high added value products. This is our Minioliva Experience”, through which we offer in our unique olive-shaped single-dose container, our best extra virgin olive oil along with a wide variety of dressings, such as our vinaigrettes and natural flavoured oils.

Packaging curiosities:

The creator of this authentic and genuine packaging, a true reflection of the real fruit of the olive tree, is Santiago Pérez Anguita. In addition to its original design and olive-shape, it has an easy opening and dispensing, with a no-drip system. Very convenient, avoiding wasting a drop. 

Our miniolivas


Our premise is certainly pursuing excellence in the manufacture of extra virgin olive oil and secondly, to develop new products based on olive oil as the main ingredient, according to these principles:

    • Healthy products: because of the privileged position that olive oil has in the Mediterranean diet and its excellent nutritional properties.

    • Natural products: 100% natural juice squeezed from unblemished olives, vinegars and natural essences, with no additives.

    • Extraordinary organoleptic properties: in every ingredient that we use. Oil is selected according to the end product we want to create. In this way, we obtain high quality, harmonious and balanced products.

    • Wide choices: developing a range which increases the different uses of olive oil, lending importance to its raw use, although not exclusively, and through products that meet markets and consumers requests. 

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