Dive into the world od olive oil and live
an authentic and unrepeteable experience


The Olive Oil Museum is easily accessible from the main road, around 3 km outside of Alcala la Real.

Our mill dates to 1914 and has been fully restored by Alcalá Oliva in 2015. Visitors will not only have the chance to discover its beauty but will find out more on the history of olives, the classification of olive oil, its varieties, and the production process.
The visit can also be enriched with a real olive harvesting experience (depending on the period), a training in olive oil tasting or a stop-by for a typical breakfast or lunch.

In every visit you will experience a walk through our centenary’s olive groves and our cherry and almond trees.

The breath-taking surrounding landscape resembling a sea of olive trees, only interrupted by the marvellous view of the “Fortress of La Mota” rising imposingly on the horizon, make this experience unique for the senses.

Extend this feeling even at home with our products that can be purchased directly in the shop on site.

Visit our museum virtually through this 360º tour of our facilities!


Alcalá Oliva