• Proceso productivo recolección Alcalá Oliva

    01 Harvesting

    Nets, hand-poles, and trunk vibrators are used to harvest olives (when colour starts changing from green to purple). After harvesting, the pruning off-cut is used for biomass.

  • Proceso productivo lavado Alcalá Oliva

    02 Washing

    Olives are separated from leaves, branches and washed with water. Water used in the process is recovered and reused for olive grove´s irrigation.

  • Proceso productivo molturación Alcalá Oliva

    03 Milling

    Olives are crushed to form a paste.

  • Proceso productivo batido Alcalá Oliva

    04 Kneading

    The olive paste is pressed contributing to the coalescence of the oil drops. Olive pits (orujillo) are used to feed stoves.

  • Proceso productivo lavado Alcalá Oliva

    05 Olive oil extraction

    Olive oil olive, containing water, is separated from olive pulp through a centrifugation process thanks to their different densities. Solid by-product from olive oil extraction (alperujo), is use for energy co-generation.

  • Proceso productivo separación del agua Alcalá Oliva

    06 Water separation

    Olive oil is separated from water through a centrifugation process.

  • Proceso productivo almacenamiento Alcalá Oliva

    07 Storing

    Olive oil is stored in stainless steel deposits in our climatized cellar.

  • Proceso productivo filtrado Alcalá Oliva

    08 Filtering

    Olive oil is filtered to remove micro particles and provide a clean aspect. This process ensures a better conservation.

  • Proceso productivo envasado Alcalá Oliva

    09 Bottling

    We offer the best extra virgin olive oil in the most convenient format for you.

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