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Sherry vinegar


Sherry vinegar


Alcalá Oliva has selected this authentic Sherry Vinegar with Denomination of Origin. It is obtained from acetic fermentation of suitable wines in accordance with the Regulations of the Denomination of Origin Sherry Vinegar and its Control Board. It is made and aged according to traditional processes under these Regulations so that it gets the proper organoleptic and analytic properties. Afterwards, a clarification and filtration process leads to this bright amber-mahogany liquid vinegar.

Production process

  • Area of production: Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucía, Spain).
  • Grape variety: Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and / or Muscat.
  • Harvesting time: First fortnight of September.
  • Harvesting system: Manual labour.
  • Process: Obtained from sherry wines, fortified (aged wines) or not fortified (musts). Aged according to the Solera System, in contact with oxygen.
  • Acidity: Equal or higher than 7 acetic degrees.
  • Colour: Bright amber-mahogany.
  • Storage: Stainless steel deposit.

Tasting Notes

Intense acetic aroma but tasty, slightly alcoholic, reminiscent of the original wine: dried fruit and nuts, raisins, liquorice or American oak notes. Its touch of acidity contrast with its surprising rounded bouquet, acquired during its long ageing.

Consumption Suggestions

Perfect seasoning for salads, reductions, sauces and cold soups like gazpacho or salmorejo.


8 ml single-dose container.Silver and green design in plastic material protecting the content.Easy opening and no-dripsystem.

Description Content Packages per carton box Links
Foodservice 150-8 ml Sherry Vinegar 150 single-doses 4 packages (600 single-doses) See package
Glass bottle Dorica 0.25 liters 250 ml 24 bottles See package
Glass bottle Marasca 0.5 liters 500 ml 12 bottles See package



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