Garlic flavoured olive oil 250ml


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This product comes from Alcalá Oliva’s experience, who selects the best extra virgin olive oil and garlic natural aroma (with the perfect organoleptic characteristics and proportion), resulting in a well-balanced oil. It is obtained through a rigorous process that consists of mixing the ingredients that compose it, reducing the manipulation of the raw material to a minimum and controlling the variables of time, speed, and temperature of mixing.

At the same time, we carry out the manufacturing process of the single serves together with the production of flavoured olive oil: it is an authentic packaging, a faithful reflection of the fruit of the olive tree that has become our distinctive sign.

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Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, garlic natural aroma.

Tasting notes: Intense and characteristic garlic flavour, slightly spicy.

Serving suggestions: toast, pasta, chicken, pil-pil prawns and typical Spanish dishes: gazpacho, salmorejo, ajoblanco and alioli.

Storage: store in a cool place, away from heat sources and protected from light.

Logistic:  12 containers/box.

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  Ingredientes: Aceite de oliva virgen extra, aceite esencial natural de ajo.

  Notas de cata: Persistente, intenso y picante.

  Sugerencias de consumo: Es ideal para tostadas, para aderezar carnes y pescados. enriqueciendo el sabor del plato. También se puede utilizar como medicamento          natural, ya que fortalece el sistema inmunológico, mejor ala circulación sanguínea y reduce el colesterol.

  Conservación: Conservar a temperatura ambiente, lejos de fuentes de luz y calor.

  Logística: 12 Envases/caja

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